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The Clothier Classic is a celebrity bowling tournament and private golf tournament founded by, celebrity clothing designer, William Wilson to raise scholarship money for the William Wilson Domestic Violence Scholarship at Central Piedmont Community College.

As a child, William witnessed his mother be victimized by domestic violence. He knows the pain and helplessness of  seeing the closest, and most important, person in the world to you to hurt and to not be able to do anything about it. He vowed that his mother would not suffer that kind of pain in vain, and made it his mission to become successful so she would have a man in her life to be proud of.

William's mother was one of the blessed ones, she got out of her situation. But she is the exception, not the norm. The primary focus of the Clothier Classic is to help empower victims of domestic violence to change their situation through scholarships and charitable programs. William knows he can't save the world, but if he can one person, maybe he can help a generation, and save a family.

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